Thursday, January 6, 2011

Efficiency Expert ???

I realized today that in the next two months, I must become an efficiency expert. Not that up to this point I was inefficient but I have some work to do as I sit here and write this past midnight after I balanced my check book/ family budget, cleaned up the kitchen and Emily’s toys.

Up to this point I had a pretty good system, working efficiently at my job so I get my work done, go home take care of my family, make sure food is cooked on a fairly regular basis, the house looks decent, bills paid on time, all expenses recorded in excel monthly, etc. I attend all the monthly appointments like the visit to OB, growth ultrasound and echocardiogram. NOW, I must add to this list a bi weekly visit to the doc and clinic for non stress test monitoring of the baby as well as finalize everything at work before my maternity.  It’s all doable, but like I said, one will have to be an efficient machine to do all this in the span of the measly 168 hours in the week. J

I guess this pre baby craziness in my schedule will only prepare me for what is to come once the baby is born, has his surgery and then hopefully comes home with a strict regimen of feeding, meds and more appointments, not to mention taking care of Emily and all her needs as well.  Ohh and my husband, can’t kick him to the curb either.

My biggest problem is that I am a control freak, and I needed to do everything myself up to this point, that’s probably why my schedule gets so hectic. Speaking in work terms, I need to leverage down, which includes asking for help of my family and friends.

So the next few weeks before this baby comes will be interesting but mostly under my control, however after that as all heart moms tell you, you can’t plan much and go with the punches and pray for the best.



  1. Hi Kathy
    I'm quite like you in that, if I think something needs doing, I will do it, my way :) But lately I have realised I can't do it all on my own and I'll have to try to put my control freak tendencies aside and deal with Ian doing some of the things I want/like to do. I've made a promise to myself to accept help graciously and smile when things maybe aren't done quite how I'd like them to be as soon there'll be someone else here who'll need me more that a lot of the other stuff :-)
    Hope you're keeping well xx

  2. Hi Kathy, I just wanted to reach out and let you know we are following your blog and thinking about you and your family. Our son, Jonah, has HLHS and was born at Hope and treated by Dr. Ilbawi's team. Jonah had his Glenn in November and is thriving. We are in Downers Grove, so if you need anything, have any questions or just want to talk, don't hesitate to get in touch.

    Rob and Stacie

  3. Hi Kathy,
    My little one will be having her last surgery on thursday. she will be 2 next month and is doing great. If you have any question about what to expect in the hospital let me know. take care