Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick Cardio update

Today we had a follow up cardio appointment with Jasiu because last weeks, post Glenn echo, confirmed that his blood pressure was just way too high and his heart was already slightly enlarged. So Dr. H.  prescribed Enalarpril but only 0.3ml twice a day. That is half the dose for his weight, but they just wanted to try it and recheck a week later. So today, a week later, his blood pressure was perfect. Being the worrier that I am, I asked them to do it again on the other leg, just to make sure the reading was good and it wasn't a fluke and the nurse did just that and it was still GOOD. :) Makes mommy much happier. This means that we do not have to up the dosage and keep it as is until we have another echo in 3 weeks to make sure all is well and BP still stays good. Basically we will let him grow out of it as his weight increases the dosage is smaller and smaller per kilo. Speaking of Kilos, Jasiu is up to 6.41kilos so its just over 14 pounds. He has been stuck here for a while but as we try to get his reflux and throwing up under control as well as get off of the NG, we just hope to maintain this weight and not decrease.

Speech Therapy and Developmental Therapy was also present this week and they said Jasiu is actually doing GREAT. He has a killer suck just is quite volume sensitive so therefore will take smaller amounts until the stomach puts more pressure on the esophagus and cause reflux. This week we will try something new and put cereal in his milk to thicken it up with hopes that the extra solid will settle down in the stomach and not want to come up as easily. Cardio also gave the green light to take out his NG and see how much Jasiu will take orally and also gave us a bare minimum of ounces he needs to take in order to stay hydrated. I think her number is a little inflated, but we will go with it.This makes me quite happy as I totally think he can do it, just seems to be irritated by the reflux and his smart little brain knows the more he eats the worse he feels. I hate just showing it down the NG because I'm sure it's not comfortable for him either. We will see how this trial goes.  Cardio also gave us a green light for tummy time and the developmental therapist said Jasiu did great. Held up his head for almost 3 minutes and with no crying.  Pre Glenn Tummy time was not his favorite activity. He will also pull himself up to sitting position if you hold his hands from a propped up on a pillow position. He is showing that he is a really strong little warrior. We also pulled out the bumbo and Jasiu loves "sitting" independently. Don't mind the pink bumbo, Jasiu obviously has an older SISTER and many hand me downs are pink. Good thing he doesn't know the difference yet.  Next step will be to take out the jumpy activity center for him and see how he likes it, though OT said that those things don't do much for the child's development and still say tummy time and tumbling on a floor mat does much more for muscle straightening.

Monday I go back to work and all this week I have been trying to soak up as much of my kiddos as possible. I will miss them terribly, good thing they will be in good hands when I'm gone. 

Now for a few fun pictures of the kids:

First time in Bumbo

Emily testing it out for Jasiu's safety

Pardon the bed head on Emily (lol), it was Saturday morning :)

My little Girl is growing up so quickly

Jasiu is growing and the bear is shrinking - 5 months old

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