Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy 6 Months

Today Jasiu is 6 months old, half a year !!! If you told me on February 25 that we would be here as a family of 4 I would have hesitated to think that far ahead, but here it is.

I didn't even realize until I was at the bank this morning before work and had to put the date on the deposit slip and it hit me that today is Jasiu's half birthday. WOW, I can just keep saying it over and over. So after I left the bank, I actually had tears in my eyes walking to work thinking about this past 6 months and all that such a small little person and our family endured.

I have never even thought about "celebrating" or thinking that 6 months was a big deal, but it is. I am so proud of him and having Jasiu is such a  blessing. He is one of the happiest and most chill 6 month old's I have ever seen. Even Emily was more temperamental than him and she was pretty chill herself. Overall he is doing great, but we will see at our cardio appointment tomorrow. For some reason I have butterflies in my stomach about this one, it may be that we haven't seen the cardio for 4 weeks, or that he'll have an echo, or that he was NG free for that month and we have to weigh in... i don't know, but I really hope it's nothing and he does great tomorrow. We have a jam packed day tomorrow with cardiology appointment in the morning and pediatrician around noon for 6 month vaccines.

Please keep Jasiu in your prayers for a good appointment tomorrow...


Favorite two toys... feet

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