Saturday, October 22, 2011

First Tooth !

Jasiu's first toot broke through on October 21st, just 4 days shy of his 8 month birthday.  I even tapped it with a tea spoon to make sure it was really out and clicking... It did and it was so cute. He never ceases to amaze me... I really didn't know he was teething or even thought about it because Emily didn't get her first two until 9 months and then for 6 months NOTHING... at 15 months they ALL started coming in almost at once.  So far no fevers, no grouchiness or any other symptom of teething that I know of. This is great news for us, maybe, just maybe we'll have one thing that will come easy for Jasiu. As our home nurse and friend said, Jasiu went through so much already teething should be a breeze !!!.  Let's hope so for Jasiu and mommy's sake. As any mom, I would hate to see him in pain and discomfort after all that he has already endured.

Now thinking in retrospect, all last week he refused/ was even more hesitant to take his bottle and just REFUSED to open his mouth for the spoon. This kid loved his baby food that I made him and just like that in one day shut his mouth closed and  no one, not me, not Joe, not either of the grandmas could get Jasiu to open it for the spoon feedings. It was kind of funny ... really... I would put him in his high chair and Jasiu would just smile with his mouth shut tight and laughing at me still with his mouth shut, I would try but nothing, I take him out and finally when I put him in the car seat does he laugh out loud with his mouth open. I think he needed to be far away from the kitchen to not feel threatened by the spoon. So we continued to try but didn't force.  The determination in him is just incredible and beyond me. I guess that's a good thing in his case, I just wish it wasn't for refusing to eat.

However yesterday and today he was already much more cooperative in the high chair . He ate some apples and tangerine concoction his grandma made him. He ate some mashed up banana and even a little rice cereal (made with water, he hates when I make it with breast milk and we have Johnny tight lips again) Today I bought him baby yogurt and offered him some. He LOVED it. I mean LOVED it, I have not seen this child open his mouth so quickly after he swallowed for more ever. It was amazing. Since it's the first time I gave it to him,I wanted to only give him a little, but he just kept opening his mouth and ate the whole 50 ml serving, that's almost 2 ounces! I almost had tears in my eyes that he was actively pursuing food but then I started thinking, that this kid will most definitely be a picky eater. Only time will tell...

For now we will look every day for more teeth and keep an eye out on Jasiu to make sure he is tolerating it well. You never know with these kiddos. He even gave ma scare this Friday where I had to dust off the pulse ox to just make sure he was fine. After his nap, his lips seemed to be completely purple, out of the ordinary for him, I changed his diaper and picked him up again and then they were very pale almost grayish like. So I got the pulse ox and held his foot down and it finally began registering and it was 87-90, it was actually beeping for high alert because it was still set at 75-85, as his docs wanted him to be in that range before his Glenn. I kept him still and occupied so that the pulse ox would get an accurate reading for longer than one minute (this kid also likes to move) and the numbers calmed my nerves a little, but all day I was just a tad bit nervous. These heart kiddos have a way to keep you on your toes more than the rest of them, though Emily is now starting to come up with some amazing stuff also to make me keep one eye on her and one on Jasiu.. ohh joy !

We did make it out to the pumpkin patch this week as well. That was fun for Emily more than Jasiu, but he got to see some sights as well and took a few nice pics and enjoyed the day as a family of four. We also got the kids passports applied for since we are hoping all will be well and (doctor approved) for Jasiu to take a trip to Poland next year to visit Joe's sister and his goddaughter on her First Holy Communion.  I couldn't believe how  big this baby already is. Almost 8 months !

Try telling a baby to hold his head straight...

Emily did great

At the pumpkin patch

One more of my  big guy :)

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