Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ka ka ka ka ka ka !!!!!!

Yes, Jasiu discovered a new sound he can make and it's no where near mama :( But it's the K sound, very clearly Ka Ka Ka Ka, he loves it so much he almost stopped saying Da Da or Ta Ta and just yells Ka Ka Ka Ka at the top of his lungs... Who would have thought that hearing your child yell at the top of his lungs for so long ( I mean he really loves to hear his own voice it went on for at least 10 minutes at bath time alone) would make a mommy so happy. It made me happy and thankful because one of the most common risks during intubation is vocal cord and tooth damage, and seeing as Jasiu barely has three teeth and actually didn't have any until after his first two surgeries and first cath, the vocal cords is what I was worried about as it related to the vent (among all other risks of course). I can't believe how much I have taken for granted and how I have never though of being thankful for vocal cords before this little guy came along.

Also that third tooth poked through last week (top left) and still no sign of the right. I'm sure it's preparing to make an entrance as Jasiu loves everything in his mouth, with the exception of the bottle of course. (We have made progress but still not drinking the bottle as most babies do, that's OK, I've grown accustomed to it by now, frustrated but used to it.)

Finally, guess whose birthday is coming up... I'll give you guys a clue

Yes, the time is approaching to celebrate this heart warrior's 1st Birthday. I'm excited about his theme, it's only appropriate that his birthday theme is Little Prince since his Big Sister's theme was Princess of course !!!  She will have an important role too and for that she's going to wear a button to tell everyone. I found this cool website to get this stuff from.  I am also excited about the cake, though I have not seen the design of it I'm sure it's going to be amazing... we are lucky to be getting it through Icing Smiles, a great organization providing smiles for kids battling illnesses and their siblings one cake at a time.

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