Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bottle Breakthrough...

I just had to update on this remarkable breakthrough... yesterday Jasiu longed for his bottle and almost took it all (5 ounces) before bath time. We usually wait until he is bathed and in his jammies and then eat and sleep... yesterday (even though he ate almost an hour prior to this happening) he grabbed the bottle from my hands while we were walking up the stairs to get ready and went at it.  I was soooo surprised, I just let him have it and held him while he drank with almost tears in my eyes. Then after the bath he finished the rest, also distraction free.

For a kid who had to have CONSTANT distraction and a tremendous effort on our part in order to get him to eat, this is HUGE and I am so proud of him. It took over a year for him to WANT his bottles, good things are always worth waiting for and he just did it when he was ready I guess. It may also have something to do with phasing out the formula and phasing in whole milk. We are now at 1 oz formula to 3 oz whole milk and he may just prefer milk over formula and I don't blame him. 

For table foods, he has some favorites that he will always go for without a struggle and some of the stuff he needs to eat needs some distractions but he will eat them. The iPhone apps and cartoons are still our go to distraction and I will take what works.

We also had our 12 month appointment a 2 weeks ago and he is doing great health wise. The pediatrician is happy with his progress. He took his vaccines like  champ and we were given the green light for whole milk.

We also had our last Synagis shot last week which means that flu and cold season is nearing the end. This means that hopefully I can relax a little more about the caughs and sniffles going around, though I hardly doubt it, I will want to protect him forever as much as I can. The weather is getting much nicer in Chicago as well so I envision us going on afternoon/ evening walks soon. It will be nice to get out and show Jasiu the outside world.

Next Cardio appointment in May, please pray that his heart function is still good, that the leaky valve is still mild and that we don't have any surprises. Until then.. we take it one day at a time! Thanks for your continued support and payers.  

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