Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3 years !

3 Years!


I can’t believe that it has been three years already. Though at times it felt like time was standing still, the reality is that it went by so quickly. Too quickly.  This past year has been a crazy one, for about a quarter of it we were dreading handing him over for another surgery and for another quarter of it we were battling the aftermath of it.  But in the end,  Jasiu proved that he can surpass all obstacles and began living his life to the fullest. Thriving really. Once he was past all the restrictions, dropped the medicine and realized that his little body is now as close to 100% oxygenated as it can be he began to show us what he is capable of. Not that he was behind on any developmental scales, but when I compare the boy we handed over and the fully healed  ball of energy and ENDURANCE, it is like a whole new world opened up to him.


In 3 years this boy has endured 3 open heart surgeries, 3 cardiac catheterizations, numerous echos, pokes, prods, IV’s doctor visits, you name it. We expected it all, knew it was in the cards for this boy and now we can only pray and hope that he can handle this new physiology for a LONG LONG time.


BUT.. despite all that what you see is a 3 year old boy that loves cars, trains, balls and sports, in all its glory.  You see a smiling little kid or a tantrum throwing little kid depending on the hour or minute, but there is no sign of “half a heart” in this boy. I would say he puts in twice the heart into anything he does. He absolutely loves his Polish heritage and loves his “ciupaga” “kapelus” and “skrzypce” he loves dancing and singing in Polish and can watch videos of the boys dancing to the point that about 50% of YouTube viewings are probably from us for at least 2 different clips. He now has a brand new favorite (thank you ciocia Ania for the introduction) which includes highlanders doing acrobatic tricks, so now we have Jasiu also doing somersaults, attempting cartwheels and standing on his hands… He can go on for hours.
Though he can be a stubborn, feisty and sometimes outright naughty boy, he is still so sweet, cute and cuddly as ever [even if it is mostly at bed time].  We love him to the moon and back, stay strong our little man !

Party at Pump it Up
Cake #1  - (1st picture is with Cake #2)
Specially hand made cake by Grandma - Cake #3



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