Monday, November 28, 2011


****So this is a little late because my internet at home went out on Wednesday and AT&T still did nothing about it so I wrote it in Word and posted today at work. But better late than never I say these days ***

Every day I try to be thankful for everything we are blessed with but with the hustle and bustle of our busy lives we forget to stop and really see how much we really have. I have two beautiful children a great husband, a roof over my head, decent jobs and can provide for the needs and most wants of our family. Without all this nothing else would matter. I’m so very thankful that Emily has her baby brother to play with and love so so much. I’m thankful that she is so easygoing though stubborn at times and really goes with the flow when we need to take care of Jasiu. I am thankful that despite the HLHS Jasiu is thriving and doing so well. I’m thankful that I have a husband who loves playing with his kids, has no complexes with being the “babysitter” on Mondays when I’m at work and who supports me in every way. In addition we are blessed for our families and friends for helping us out in the toughest times, thankful we live so close to such a great hospital filled with the some of the most talented doctors and surgeons and thankful for science and medical advancements through which I can have my baby boy home and thriving. These last ones haven’t even crossed my mind one year ago, we just did not realize how lucky and blessed we are.

Before this year, I never paid much attention to or realized how fortunate we were to have a pretty healthy child, that we never second guessed taking her out everywhere, that she slept and ate pretty much everywhere and ate anything that came across her plate. Besides the regular pediatrician office and a few minor trips for x-rays, Emily had a pretty uneventful three years and while I always thanked God for this it was just in passing and never really dwelled on it. In Jasiu’s first 9 months leading up to this Thanksgiving which were anything but uneventful I have thanked God out loud every single day for every day we shared and prayed that we would be blessed with another. Why does it take such a misfortune to realize this? I don’t know, but Jasiu has taught me and our family that taking things for granted is not an option and everything you have materially means nothing when you don’t have health and family.  When reading all of the facebook posts on how thankful everyone is for all the things they are thankful for, I want to tell everyone BE THANKFUL EVERY DAY FOR ALL THAT YOU WERE BLESSED WITH and don’t wait for a tragedy to realize how good you really have it.

Yes sometimes the hard days are tough but the good days far outweigh them all and looking at my two smiling, usually slobbery two little faces and I realize I have so much to be thankful for.

Jasiu had some soup at the Klimek Thanksgiving and got to play with his cousin Sabinka (one week younger) and had some mashed potatoes at the Krol Thanksgiving and spent some time with his new cousin Sebastianek, no playing though he's barely 4 months old :) 


Two little people I'm most grateful for

The cousins on the Klimek side grew by two this year !

Jasiu and Sabinka

Emily and Ola resting after a meal they barely ate

The cousins on Krol side grew by two as well this year - here with Grandpa Krol

Pillow fight after

My miracle

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend (I had 5 days off with the kids) !

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