Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of joy and hope the Baby Jesus blesses each and every one of your families with health and happiness.

We were blessed to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our closest families for this very special holiday with both of our kids. They were so excited to open presents and loved all the gifts Santa brought them. One of the highlights of the day was Emily in church praying for her family and Jasiu at the manger and I think she is finally starting to understand the real meaning of Christmas, a little more year by year.  Jasiu slept through the entire Christmas mass (it was during his normal nap time) which was a blessing as well since he wasn't the cranky baby at church.  I just love this season and that I'm able to spend it with family.

The Krol Family

 Best Chrismas presents under the tree

Our Christmas in a nutshell

Jasiu helping dad set up the tv

Opening presents

Christmas 2011

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