Friday, December 16, 2011

Puke Monster

It has been well documented that Jasiu is a poor eater. Never had a good appetite and I'm beginning to think he may never have one.  Though I still pray that some day he will just want to eat and eat and eat... Since he was first introduced to milk, which was delayed because of his first surgery, he was not much of an eater. He was fine at sucking, because he could and still can suck the pacifier so hard we were joking you could pick him up by it... but never good with liquid, i.e. MILK and now with solids...

What has not been so well documented is that Jasiu is also a puker. Between his Norwood and the Glenn he threw up EVERY DAY sometimes multiple times a day. So we thought it was due to the NG, because the tube to his stomach kept his little sphinxter (sp?) open at all times but the NG came out and still puking. We think it may be due to the reflux, but he is taking medicine to control that. During interstage it was awful because every time he puked it meant that those calories he took in by mouth and than what we put down his NG were all wasted and it wasn't used to grow enough for the Glenn. It's still the same fear now. I remember feeding him and praying at that time that the food stays down or when Joe was feeding still hoping and praying that it stays while I was off doing something else or playing with Emily. For his first four months I have written down each time he puked, I have yet to go back and count, but  I already know the number is way too high. An average person wouldn't throw up that much in a life time a this baby has in his first year. It doesn't bother me because we have to change clothing multiple times daily, or wash sheets, floor etc, it's terrible because I have to see him do it and what he goes through. Poor Jasiu struggled to catch his breath, he would start turning colors and you can totally feel his stomach tying in knots when he was doing it.

Than after the NG tube went out, it subsided a lot to where he puked only once or twice a week at random times because since I was documenting what was happening around the clock I could not find a pattern as to what was causing him to do it. Then we forgot about the puke monster for a while because it became sporadic until Jasiu began to be mobile... The exhaustion and fast breathing combined with mobility and his weak stomach causes it to contract and on top of that his excellent gag reflexes cause my little guy to puke all the time. And now that he had a cold the puke monster is back !!! It first started when he was coughing and the gag reflex caused every meal, milk or solid to just projectile vomit out. Now that the cold is almost over the gag reflex is even more elevated and any new texture or taste causes him to puke. It is happening multiple times a day and poor guy I'm sure is exhausted. What good is 3 ounces of cereal with apples when it stays in the stomach for 10 minutes? ! Not to mention that it takes a lot of energy and effort to even get him to eat that 3 ounces over 15-20 minutes.

It does not look comfortable and on top of everything it's another area where he has to struggle. We even try to keep him occupied for half hour or so after eating so that he wouldn't crawl or laugh too much as to not cause any pressure on his stomach or esophagus and it helps a little but this kid is ACTIVE. He loves to move, twist, crawl, and most of all laugh, how do you forbid all this fun stuff... It's so hard on him I'm sure physically and emotionally but it's just one more thing we have to overcome on this lifelong journey.

Pray with me that the puke monster leaves this house for good and just leaves my happy baby once and for all !!!

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  1. I will pray for you if you pray the puke monster leaves us alone too. It is the hardest thing to watch...especially when they have a cold. Hope is puking up snot and it is so gross. Hoping we both have puke-free holidays.