Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Praying at the Manger - (I would like to think they are praying for good health)

We had a wonderful Christmas shared with our closest families that spanned over about three days.  We start out on Christmas Eve with a traditional "Wigilia", open presents, go to midnight mass  OK, now with kids it's 8pm mass. Christmas Day we go to mass once more and we usually dress up in our traditional outfits and celebrate with a big dinner once again. December 26th, though most have to go to work, I took vacation and celebrated the birth of Jesus once more in church for a mass with just my kids since dad had to work, the remaining of the day we spent putting all toys together and playing with ALL the stuff the kids got for Christmas.

It was ALL great!

So far the best present was that the kids is our health.  So far we are all healthy and not any visible signs of colds just yet.. shhhh and knock on wood.

I hope you all had just as much fun as we did and that you got to spend your holidays with the ones that mean the most to you and really experience the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

My angels before Wigilia

Can you tell she is excited

Concentrating to pry it out of the box

Smile, smile, smile

Ughh.. they are over it !!! haha

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