Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New year.. Back to Reality

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2012 was great or at least not all terrible for you and pray that 2013 brings on more of the good for everyone.  In retrospect, 2012 for us was very good for  and we continue to thank God for it each and every day. It was a “normal” year for us but especially Jasiu. Besides a few cardiology appointments and many pediatrician appointments we enjoyed the regular everyday things that families with a two “healthy” kids do.  We took a few short family vacations, visited the zoo, went to the park often and just enjoyed time with friends and family. HLHS didn’t take over our daily lives and showed it’s dark side only when it became visible that Jasiu was sick or how easily he got sick or threw up due to exhaustion. But for the most part we lived a “normal” life. I like to think we had a great year because we had NO hospital admissions….and now… back to reality for us!

From the beginning of the year I feel like HLHS will be on our minds ALL.The. Time… starting with a heart cath scheduled for 1/11,  scheduling and going through open heart surgery, and recovery. This year Jasiu turns two in just two short months, TWO ! How amazing that we were blessed with almost two years with this amazing little boy. However since our center schedules the Fontan, last planned surgery for HLHS after the patient turns two even the birthday celebrations may be affected by his condition. Depending on cath results and scheduling of the Fontan by the hospital a birthday celebration may have to be postponed for the sole reason to try to keep our warrior germ free. Why do two year olds have to go through this, why do any kids have to go through it is just beyond me. All we can do is deal with it as best as we can and do what we think is best for our kids.  Only time will tell and we have full faith in God that everything will be good. We do have a very strong willed little boy and as frustrating as it is when he’s misbehaving, I hope he uses this strong will during recovery as well to pull through and kick some Fontan but.

So our 2013 resolution is to make the best of each day, to try to see the silver lining in each situation and most of all to try to keep both kids healthy.

Here is to hoping for a Happy HEALTHY New Year !!!

Ohh and Jasiu is starting the new year with a new hair cut. I feel like my baby just grew up. He wasn't too shaggy to begin with but he was starting to look like he has a mullet (and that's just not our style) so we decided to spruce things up for the holidays. Doesn't he look handsome? Thank you Ciocia Kasia.

Bad mommy didn't take a before pic, but it would have been funny to see on picture.

All Done !

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