Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello from 2064

We are settled into our comfortable quarters for the night and Mr. Jasiu is doing quite well. Better than I could have ever imagined... We were hanging out in recovery for about 2.5 hours and Jasiu couldn't find that one thing that brought him comfort, Elmo, his violin, even cartoons, then we went in u tube and searched "Goralskie tance" meaning Polish folk dancing which he loves and that was IT !!! For two hours we watched every variety of Polish highlands dancing and singing we could find on you tube and had to explain what it was to each nurse doctor or tech that walked in but jasiu was in 7th heaven and that's what mattered . what can we say he has Polish blood and he loves this stuff.

Then we made the trip up to second floor of Hope and that's when we saw Mr. Cranky for a bit because the nurses had to bug him, vitals,  rounds, meds, pressure dressing removal and the like. But when no-one was in the room he was silly Jasiu like usual.  He drank and ate like a champ and is sound asleep. Joe went home to get some rest, I'm at the hospital with  my little man hoping for an uneventful and semi restful night.

The plan for the night is vitals at 11pm than 4am plus last dose of Iv antibiotic morning meds, x-ray, echo, EKG and then home. Tonight I'm praying it goes all according to plan. Thank you for your support, prayers, and nice comments on facebook all day. We need all the prayers and definitely feel your presence . Thank you all !

Http://  is the link just in case you done believe me about what we were watching for about 2 hours.

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