Friday, March 1, 2013

2nd Norwoodversary & 2nd Yr Check Up

Hurray for Jasiu !!!

This is the second anniversary of Jasiu's first open heart surgery, the Norwood Procedure.  I don't think it will ever get easy thinking about that day. That day our fears our hopes and dreams for this baby boy of ours were halted and we just focused on that ONE day, to just get through it. We did. We got through  that day and again for his second surgery and we lived our normal life, not thinking much about it for over 18 months. I don't think I dwell on it as much anymore in a sad way, and I feel more overjoyed that he has gotten through it and that despite all of those obstacles he is just kicking HLHS's butt.  However as April 22nd approaches (Yes our Fontan date as changed) I'm starting to become emotional once again.  We will celebrate today as a victory day and continue celebrating each and every milestone on this journey because life is worth living and Jasiu reminds us of this every day.

We also had a 2 year well baby check up with the pediatrician. I love her and she genuinely takes his best interest to heart and is so darn proud of him. Jasiu in his true diva way only cried when he was being weighed and measured and the ears and throat check, other than that he was talking up a storm, let the doctor listen to his heart and lungs. I was shocked. He is 27.6 pounds and about 34 inches tall which puts him at 42% and 40% for weight and height respectively. Still didn't catch up to his birth 50th percentile but he is on the chart and growing steadily, she is very pleased. She complemented his speech and how vocal Jasiu is. With his Fontan coming up and his last Synagis shot being scheduled for next week she said she will try to convince the insurance company to cover one more dose of the Synagis just to protect him just in case. She said if she pushes hard enough, usually they approve it, I love that she's willing to stand up to them. The last part made my day, she went over his whole 2 year history and noted that besides the scheduled surgeries and two caths he had no hospital admissions, and he has rarely (relatively speaking based on his condition) been in for sick visits and said he and I have done such a good job at keeping him well. When she said that I am pretty sure I saw her get emotionally teared up, as if she was so proud of him. I would have never though I would get that reaction from our doctor, and I'm so glad we chose her and that she cares so much. She even remembered that I'm " that accountant" and asked if I intentionally scheduled his surgery post "tax season" .. Ha ha.. why.. yes I did, that and post flu season I mentioned and she just smiled.  It was one of our best visits.  It also didn't hurt that Jasiu was all caught up on his vaccines so he had no shots.  Hurray for no shots and Jasiu even left the doctor's office saying "Doctor tu" and pointed at his chest that she was listening to him and wasn't crying about it.  What a blessing.

So as we celebrate our miracle boy's first fight with HLHS I want to ask for prayers for one of his heart buddies, Austin, who will be fighting his THIRD battle on Monday. Austin will be having his Fontan and needs lots of prayers for a smooth ride and quick recovery and for his mama to have the the strength to get through this with him as well.  Go Austin Go !!!

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