Friday, June 7, 2013

Great Appointment

We are 7 weeks post Fontan and have been out of the hospital for 3 full weeks now and I had my first week back at the office. Life is getting back to normal.

Today's X-ray is good, blood work is good, he sounds and looks great. His energy level is through the roof and does not get winded anymore like he used to. His INR level was only at 1.3 today so we are changing the counmadin 1.5 mg 5 days a week and 2mg twice a week and see how it goes. Fluid restriction has been lifted so we are slowly going to work up his intake. Fat free diet and medicine is still status quo, we only want to change one thing at a time to make sure he know how he reacts to each step so that we don't end up back at the hospital. I'm OK, with baby steps as long as they are in the forward direction.

Jasiu also got tested for the study we are participating in on how he's doing developmentally and I'm so proud to say that in speech and fine motor skills he is testing at 28 months and gross motor skills at 33 months (Jasiu is 27 months for those who don't remember :)  I could not be  more proud and blessed that this kid is so determined to do all that he does and we have also been blessed not to need any type of therapy since he was born.  He is just AMAZING, we are so grateful to God and his entire medical team for taking such good care of him.

Next check up - Two weeks.   Hope every one's summer is off to a good start.

Happy for a great report !

Not so happy right after having his blood drawn

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