Thursday, May 16, 2013

Home again ...

After 9 days 22 hours and 48 minutes we have been discharged from the hospital. This is one day short of our first discharge which was exactly 10 days 22 hours and 6 minutes.  (I was going over my discharge paperwork and it's right there on the first line of the patient summary, not that I was counting or anything.)

The doctors think that they have a pretty good balance and figured out the right diuretic regimen that we can go home and check in the clinic regularly to monitor any possible fluid.  Today's x-ray was good and Dr. H allowed us to go home.  Our medicine regimen may seem crazy but here it is

1 baby aspirin
1 Multivitamin with iron
1/2 tablet of Aldactone
1mg of Metolazone
2mg of Bumetanide
10mls of Potassium Chloride (supplement that is depleted due to the two above)
3mls of Sodium Chloride (supplement)

1/2 tablet Aldactone
1.5 mg Coumadin/ Warfarin
1mg of Metolazone
3 mls of Sodium Chloride

We are back on the 930 ml fluid restriction and fat free diet and I am to weigh each diaper to track ins and outs to make sure Jasiu is not retaining water and report it at clinic.  For my own sanity I will also check temperature daily and weigh him as well, If I only had a blood pressure machine for children it would have been same as the last 2 days we had at the hospital.

Due to the IV Jasiu had in his right hand for 7 days he now prefers to eat with his left hand but he is coming around to the right again slowly. He loves being home and we hope to keep it that way.

We go back tomorrow for an INR check and a quick check up. I would love an x-ray to confirm clean lungs but we will see if they order it.  We are praying for the fluid not to return and continued healing and recovery.

Thank you so  much to all who have prayed and helped us throughout this roller coaster. We are far from over, but we came over this bump and we are still hanging on!

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