Monday, July 1, 2013

Long overdue Update

I can't believe that I have not updated in almost a month. Believe me, that in our world no news is good news and good news it is. Two weeks ago we had a great cardiology visit with an x-ray but no blood work besides an INR check. This made for one happy boy.  X ray was crystal clear and since he's been of of the fluid restriction we have had a much happier boy  but a going crazy worrying kind of mama, so this eased my fears. So after this last appointment the doctor decided the next step is to cut back on one of his diuretics once a day as his body should be getting used to the pressures and the fluid should ease up and not be dependent on the diuretics so much. So he's now on metolizone 1mg once a day, aldactone still twice a day, 1 baby aspirin, coumadin (1.5mg 5 times a week and 2mg twice a week, we are still adjusting the doses on this one) and his multivitamin. Since he's easing on the diuretics we were able to stop the potassium and sodium supplements.

Other than the medical stuff we have had a very happy and ACTIVE little boy. Jasiu and Emily are enjoying their summer so much that their bruised legs and arms and heads show it. They both are enjoying life together so much and it brings joy to our lives that just two months ago this kid was fighting for his life. 

Next appointment in two weeks, complete work up, echo included. Enjoy your summer months as they go by too quickly :)

Jasiu enjoying all of his sippy cups taken out of hibernation after fluid restriction was lifted

Father's Day 2013

Jasiu went to his first wedding - they clean up pretty well :)

We are enjoying the splash pad

We cheered on our 2013 Stanley Cup Champions - The Chicago Blackhawks !!!

Just enjoying the summer - our little diva 

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