Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Days...


Finally, (and hopefully not jinxing myself) my prayers are slowly being answered. I know God has so many to get to with all these little kiddos being sick, parents worried and everything else going on in the world, but mine are getting on the list, at least I'd like to think so... Things here are starting to turn around. Our new normal is now second nature with meds and figuring out when a cry spell during a diaper changes puts his sats to dangerous lows or just winey and shallow which are ok as long as they are temporary. As Jasiu is getting older he's tolerating diapering much better and I rarely have to pick him up mid change poopy but and all..  We still check his sats (oxygen saturations) quite religiously but now out of habbit.  His color is awsomely pink and normal looking  with the occasional purpulish lips or really pale hands but nothing to be worried about as long as it goes away once we move him. Don't get me wrong, I still worry but that will never go away.

Jasiu also cries much less than he used to, so that makes for a happier mama as well.  He sleeps better and can lay in his play pen or in the crib for a few minutes without getting nervous while I get his milk and meds ready. It's not perfect yet but much better. His home nurse visits are good and getting shorter and doctor's appointments good as well.

The one thing we have to work on is BOTTLE FEEDING, that is a constant on the prayer list. Jasiu still takes about 15- 20 mls and gets either really tired or disinterested. I was really upset at last clinic because Speech Therapy people, those that also handle the bottle feeding techniques and issues completely ignored us last thursday and were not there. I even called ahead of our appointment to make sure they are there and the nurse paged them 4 times and nothing. I really want them to see him as they are trained for cases like these. We really want John to be able to get the best help so that he can bottle feed completely if possible. For now we have the NG tube that we learned to manuver around and seems to be doing fine. John only pulled it our once and I was able to get it in myself.  I hope the next time it goes out is when we do his baby pictures but not sooner :-D

On another lighter note, the basement remodel project that was started 4 weeks befofre John's birth picked up again this morning. My father in law has a few weeks vacation and is helping, more like forcing, Joe to pick him up and they are working on it. And here I was thinking it wouldn't be done until after the Glenn!

Also, my awsome husband is picking up the weekend night feedings as he doesn't go to work on the weekends and is finally able to handle it all by himself. It also helps that we were given the green light to let the baby seleep at night until he wakes up from hunger instead of the every 3 hours on the hour asleep or not. We just increased the amount per feed and have to make sure he gets 7 in 24 hour period to get all the calories and ounces the dietitian calculated for a healthy weight gain. John also seems to be tolerating this well during the night, but occasionally throws up during the day. This however I think is because he just moves so much more during the day and it's natural for some babies to just throw up a bit. So since Thursday I got more than 2 hours of continuous sleep and last night it was almost 4 (had to get up to pump anyways), but baby steps. I feel like I am functioning much better as I'm also a little more rested... intersting coincidence .. right?!?!

Finally, Jasiu is smiling and cooing and not just because of gas ! It started last night and I LOVE it.

Emily Holding John for first time

Such a big sister

Tube Free for just a little while !
PS Sorry but haven't figured out how to rotate pictures here yet :(

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  1. Your children are just adorable! So happy to hear that you are slowly starting to get more rest....every minute makes a difference! I will pray that the bottle feeding gets better and better. God Bless!