Friday, May 6, 2011

Cardiology update...

We had our biweekly appointment at the Heart Institute with Jasiu on Thursday. We were waiting quite a bit as normal but here is the gist...

  • Weight good-10 pounds 12 ounces
  • Blood pressure also good
  • Sats decent at 70-75
  • Occupational therapy great
  • Speech therapy- not so great - swallow study next week
  • Echo - not so good but as expected
So the big thing is the echo. Jasiu was tired out by all the vitals taking, therapy and struggling with the bottle that when it came to the echo I feed him through the tube and as his tummy was getting fuller his eyes started closing and he fell asleep. Jas slept through the whole echo and the additional30 minutes it took for the doctor to read the results and get back to us. The pressures in his heart have dropped quite a bit. However they assured me that its to be expected as Jasiu outgrows his shunt and will be in need of his second surgery. So its not completely bad and is quite normal but still not great...if that makes any sense. On a side note... I was wondering how much longer we will get away with putting him to sleep during an echo before he starts thrashing and needing happy meds to calm him down for them.

He was also doing the same thing with the bottle as at home, so the therapist suggested a swallow study which should be done next week. I hope its just tiredness and not another problem... because JJ should have more strength after the Glenn and take to the bottle then ... Please keep praying hat he does.

We don't have to go to clinic until after the cath.. yejj !!!

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