Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quick Update

Just a quick update of what's been going on around here... Yesterday we had an appointment at the pediatrician. Jasiu came in at 12 pounds even !!! That doesn't seem like much only 4 pounds since birth and it puts him only in 25th percentile, but considering one open heart surgery, daily colic, inconsolable cries, daily puky and NG tube feedings that is an accomplishment to us. Also carrying him I definitely NOTICE that he has grown since we came home from the hospital. He's doing well and is healthy for the cath coming up on Monday,  but as the doctor said... "a lot can happen till Monday" so we are extra cautious and limiting interaction with other kiddos and probably won't make it to the park this weekend (just our backyard) let alone the two communion parties we have this weekend. Therefore Joe and I will alternate, Saturday I go out with Emily to one communion party and Sunday Joe goes with Emily to another all while trying not to catch something ourselves... our immune system can most likely fight off a small bug we may pick up but if we bring it home Jasiu's may not. So while we can't avoid all humanity, we have to be careful especially with Emily since she LOVES her brother and we can't seem to keep her off of him we try to wash her hands and face as frequently as possible.

Secondly, today Early Intervention came to the house to evaluate Jasiu... Occupational therapist, physical therapist, developmental therapist, speech therapist and the coordinator.. it was a party ! Jasiu has never seen so many new faces at once ever and seemed a little overwhelmed bud did fine even did #2 for them. Since he's only 2 1/2 months old there isn't much they are evaluating... He makes eye contact, holds on to the key rings, holds his head, moves his legs, reacts to voices and noises, he swallows when he's hungry and stops when he's tired.. a typical 2 month old. He wasn't allowed tummy time for 2 months anyways so he's had no time to build the strength in his arms. He has a heart condition that requires a healthy weight for the next surgery that prohibits us from letting him starve a little to be more enticed to take the bottle, so they can't do anything there either. It was pretty much pointless at this point, but the doctor sent them to us and they did their job. The recommendation... They should come back after his second surgery and the recovery time (so he can do tummy time) and then reevaluate again if he needs any type of intervention and therapy. So for now he will just get looked by the therapists during his clinics and we wait to see if he falls behind... to be continued.

For now we pray that Jasiu stays healthy until the cath an we get a good report and ate for the Glenn surgery. I already notice that he's outgrowing the shunt because he's tired quicker and his fingers and toes are a duskier bluish color than they were. His lips also go a little purple quicker when he cries a lot... on a happier note I think the colic is easing up a bit.. though I don't want to jinx it, he's been much better in the evenings and much less fussy.  :D

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