Monday, May 9, 2011

Lil Me Photography Pictures

A few weeks back Lisa with Lil Me Photography came to our house and patiently worked with us to take beautiful pictures of Jasiu. I wanted to get professional pictures taken of Jasiu because we did it with Emily and I don't want him to someday tell me "hej... what about me" though I doubt it since he's a boy and probably could care less.  HOWEVER.. They are little only once and they are both so special that it's so worth it. 

A huge thanks to Lisa for coming to our home (since it's the bubble Jasiu lives in for now) and patiently waiting while I finish feeding him, take off feeding tube and tape, rock him to sleep ( a few times) and making Emily smile, I mean really genuinely smile... I highly recommend her and her work speaks for itself... take a look.

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  1. OH wow, these are absolutely gorgeous pics! Love them all!!! Jasiu looks so good. And Emily is stunning! <3