Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I'm happy to report that Easter 2012 was a success and we were back to our old routine and the kids loved it.

Last year during Easter Jasiu was "interstage" (time between  the first two surgeries which often is the most fragile time for a child with HLHS). Since we wanted to spend the Holiday as a family of four together and didn't want to leave either parent at home with Jasiu our family was nice enough to bring the Easter celebrations to our house. It was different, but still spent with the people we love the most.
I keep saying it over and over, but truly, what a difference a year makes !

This year we almost spent Easter at home again but for a different reason. On Tuesday night Jasiu was awfully cranky and totally not himself. On Wednesday early morning (3am) when he woke up to eat, I noticed he was really warm. I fed him gave him some time to cool off and took his temp. It was 99.5ish. Since technically this isn't a fever, and he went back to sleep no problem, I didn't give him anything until the morning to see if  it was just temporary. At 7 am his temp was 101.4 (officially a fever). During the day grandma was monitoring the temp and medicating with Tylenol but the lowest it went was 100. I called the doctor's office to let them know and to find out the right dosage of the Tylenol because the last time we were using it was when Jasiu weighed a lot less. (We were lucky he wasn't sick with a fever and haven't used Tylenol since the Glenn) I also made an appointment for the following day just in case things got worse, and worse they got! Thursday on top of the Tylenol we administered Motrin because the Tylenol was just not working. The combination of the drugs worked during the day but as they wore off the fever came back and when I took Jasiu to the doctor on Thursday after work it was 6 hours since his last medicine dosage and his fever hit 103.  It turned out that ears were clear, he had no runny nose or cough, it was just his throat, some sort of virus and we just had to keep an eye out on it just in case it got worse or other symptoms occurred.  But by Friday night he was back to himself and even his appetite increased. On Saturday he already had breakfast and bottles as usual, no fever and mood was completely back to normal.  However today (Tuesday) Jasiu's nose started running, so I think he wasn't completely over that virus, or it spread to his sinuses and Emily is now snotty as well :( ohh such is the life with toddlers.

So we took Jasiu with us to bless our Easter baskets and dressed him up in the Polish Highlander traditional outfits. Emily and Jasiu looked so cute.  On Sunday, we passed on the early morning Resurrection mass at 5:30 am since we didn't want cranky children for the remainder of the day and just attended a regular Sunday mass at 7:30 am, breakfast and brunch at the Klimek residence and then dinner at the Hyc residence with the Krol side of the family.  Emily and Jasiu got to spend time with cousins on both sides and they had a blast.

Before going to bless our Easter baskets

After blessing  at Grandparent's house

Easter day after brunch - Kids playing (story time with uncle Damian)

We are so blessed to  be able to spend another holiday as a family and outside of the hospital and with Jasiu doing so well. As I thought about the events of the Holy Week and how Jesus' mother had to witness her son's death so that we all could be saved, I couldn't help but to pray the same prayer that thousands of mothers pray each and every day "God, thank you for this day and please spare my son's life so that we may have another day. Amen."

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter as well.

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