Sunday, April 1, 2012

Walking Walking Everywhere

This will be really short ( I forgot to include in yesterday's post.. how could I forget !)...

Jasiu is walking !!!

He started right on his birthday and in the month since his birthday party he has been getting better and better with now being able to stand up from anywhere and not just by hanging on to furniture. He does stand up and fall on his bottom when he is quite tired at the end of the night but that doesn't stop him. He is also choosing to walk most places rather than crawl, so even he knows he's getting better and faster.. look out we will have a runner in about a month. Scary for mommy to even think about. 

 Here are a couple of videos of our little guy taking his confident steps.

The other video is of my two wonderful kiddos playing in their play room, don't mind me and asking Emily questions (you can tell her English is picking up really well).  My two silly monkeys.

(Note, I only speak to my kids in Polish so for my English only readers, sorry :(  )

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