Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quick Upate

As of 7am this morning we are technically "step down" status and should have been transferred to a bed on 2nd floor instead of the PSHU (Pediatric Surgical Heart Unit). However, there were no beds available downstairs so we stayed the day and night up here on 3 where mommy and Jasiu are most comfortable. Not that we don't trust them on 2 and 2 is a great place because it's one step closer to home, but it makes me nervous to go down there, especially with chest tubes still draining... and draining they are still draining, though it is starting to diminish and not increase. They are not specially trained to handle cardiac kids, but as I learned yesterday, the Nurse Practitioners are actually working on providing basic Cardiac nurse training sessions and I was assured that I should not worry. Apparently we can go anywhere with the chest tubes except for home (he hospital that is).  Since the orders were put in this morning, I think we will move tomorrow minoring after rounds.

In other news, today Jasiu was on negative fluids today for the first time. They basically measure ALL his liquid intake (milk, juice, water, even meds) less his output (wet diapers) and net the two. Currently the desired result is a negative. He has been positive for 2 days and they were not pleased about it. Another diuretic was ordered and it helped with the peeing.

We still have the following connected to Jasiu -  2 iv's, central line, 2 chest tubes and blood pressure cuff. As far as medicine goes, he is on Lortab every 4 hrs, Motrin every 8 hrs. 2 different diuretics (Lasix and Diurell (sip?) and this afternoon we added calcuim tablet, potassium liquid and something basic because his blood was to acidic or the other way around.  (the last three are a direct result of the major diuretics, in addition to draining fluid, it's draining deferment minerals from the body.  Additionally they will bring us some miralax because still no bowel movement and since Sunday and he has been eating fairly well, plus we were on that at home.

Hopefully tomorrow we will migrate downstairs and then next stop, Healing at Home !!!

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