Friday, April 19, 2013

T-3 .. Days till Fontan

Today we had our Pre-Operation appointment at the hospital with Jasiu and he rocked it!  He was such a good big boy and only cried when most appropriate, blood draw and x-ray that is.

We got there early so that he would be familiar with the waiting room and so that we don't rush him, they called us back 15-20 minutes after our scheduled appointment so he was pretty much entertaining the waiting room with his giggles and playfullness.  He even let the receptionist put on his wristband (well only to be as cool as mommy and daddy who sported one as well).

The blood draw was as expected but they got all they needed on the first stick so we were really happy with that and so was Jasiu, relatively speaking. They swabbed his nostril for staph bacteria just to be sure. Then we did a thorough background questioning with me while daddy was entertaining Jasiu. Then the nurse practitioner did a thorough physical to check ears, mouth, etc for signs of sickness and his ears were all clear. That was one of our biggest worries since his chronic fluid in the ears. We had Jasiu's buddy Barney along and Barney got band aids, the NP listened to Barney before Jasiu and so on and so on.. not one tear during the physical, even the weight and listening to heart and lungs. Our big boy even took deep breaths for the NP, which almost never happens.

We got instructions and antibacterial cloths for wiping the night before and morning of to try to prevent infections. Even though we are technically pending results of the blood work, we are good to go for Monday unless something changes with his health. We are quarantined pretty much to the home for the next three days even me, Joe and Emily will be going out minimally to try to prevent catching something in the next three days. Some may say we are going overboard but to me this is so emotionally draining that if we had to postpone it, though it would be best health wise if it was required, the emotional preparations are almost as grueling. You literally can't focus on anything else but this.  Anyways.. I digress..

Finally we signed the consent forms - this is probably one of the hardest things because once again they remind you all the risks and it's hard to face that and then sign on that line, but we do what we have to do.  Then we were off to X-ray and we were done. All that in about 2 hours and very minimal tears. I would say Jasiu is warming up to the doctors and nurses.. until Monday that is.

I will find out on Friday what time we have to show up to the hospital on Monday morning and then we will be Fontaning !

Wish us luck and say a prayer.

Also, I want to thank our direct blood donors for Jasiu - you know who you are - THANK YOU ! It really is a gift of life for our kiddo as the NP reminded us that a transfusion is almost always required with this surgery.
waiting patiently with his bubbles

Comparing their awesome wristbands

walking down to X-ray (insisted on dragging the umbrella himself)

waiting for X-ray


  1. Jasiu looks so happy, I am praying that he wakes with this smile and recovers quickly from the Fontan. Much love & Keaton kisses <3

  2. Just happened upon your blog. We will be praying for Jasiu and your entire family in the days and weeks to come. Our family is also preparing for our daughter to have the Fontan on May 2 (