Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blood Donations

I spoke with Life Source Special Donations department yesterday and got Jasiu registered so that people can make blood donations specifically for his surgery which is coming up on 6/27. Though he would still get the blood needed from the blood bank, it is really good if family or friends can donate for you, even as a pay it forward kind of thing. As I stated in my previous post, I am A+ and can not even donate for him. I was so sad to learn that. For the last 3 months I was thinking about this surgery and how I could help him in any way and all I can do is stand there and be strong for him because my blood won't work. Joe on the other hand had no idea what his blood type is, that said, knowing I'm A+ and Jasiu is AB-, that leaves Joe with only two options B or AB, though he was pretty sure he was A+ and was joking with me about how Jasiu ended up with AB... haha..We called Joe's doctor about previous blood work he had done and they told him "AB+O" which is pretty much nonexistent, so he will have blood work done again as part of his annual check up and get to the bottom of this. I'm pretty sure he's AB just don't know the Rh factor, which is a big deal breaker if he's +. Jasiu can only take AB-, A- or B-. I know another couple who both parents were not matches for their son, so I am starting to not feel too terrible but still sad to some degree.

After I got all the technical stuff done with the special donations coordinator, I asked her how many people should show up, or how much blood is needed. The script was written for 4 units, that is 4 people. I also asked if there were more people interested can I spread the word. She said, NO, special donations is quite complicated and they do not want to be overwhelmed for one person since there are many many people also in the same situation, and though the extra blood would not be wasted and go back to the blood bank, the time of the special donations department would be. She said to have 4-6 definite matches lined up with appointments and request that they keep them so that Jasiu gets what he needs. From everyone that responded to my FB post and conversations with family and friends, I have lined up such people and am SO thankful to them as well.

I want to thank each and every one of you who took this to heart and posted announcements on your FB to look for donors. There were a mass of responses and that is so wonderful to read. I can't believe how many good people there are out there willing to help my little special boy. It is overwhelming and I can not even begin to say enough thanks to all. You all mean the world to us. By spreading the word you also spread awareness of CHD's and that is a BIG deal. The more awareness the more funding for research the more knowledge and more medical breakthroughs for kids like Jasiu. 

You can still donate blood to Life Source if you would like, no matter what your type. Blood is in constant shortage and it is the GIFT OF LIFE to so many people. Jasiu received blood during his first surgery and 3 transfusions during recovery from the blood bank, I thank those anonymous people all the time in my prayers as without them, Jasiu may not have been here either,so I ask you go DONATE and know in your heart that you are helping. Though I'm not Jasiu's blood type, I'm going to go as well so that someone may benefit from it.

Finally I want to thank everyone who is praying for Jasiu and his big day. I ask you to pray that he stays healthy and that he can get through this well. I can't wait to see what the world after the Glenn looks like, everyone I know says it's better, though under the circumstances life is good now, I just can't wait for Jasiu to grow into a bouncy toddler so we wait two and a half more weeks for that big day... THANK YOU TO ALL AGAIN !!!!

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