Monday, June 27, 2011


Jasiu was referred to in rounds as a "GLENN". That was music to my ears and a highlight of my day which was a long day. It was probably harder than the first because 1 we actually had to bring him to the hospital ourselves and 2 we really got attached to him now that he's been home.

It started out with his last meal of the day at 5:30 am, though Jasiu went to sleep I did not. I still had lots to do before we left. We got to the hospital a little before 8:45 as we were instructed to. Jasiu as always flirted with the nurses had his vitals taken and blood drawn. After all that it was only 9:40 so Jasiu passed out in Joes arms for well over an hour. 10:15 came and went and still no one from surgery there to pick him up as scheduled. So once he woke up as you can imagine he was a hungry fellow. Once the pacifier didn't work, we walked back nd forth in a cramped pre op room, watched some fifa womens world cup game. Jasiu was calmed for a little bit. The anasthediologist picked him up for OR at 12:30 (2 hours after our schedule) but hej its surgery and we wouldn't want doctors to rush jasiu's surgery so were praying for the first case that it went ok for them. First update was around 2pm that he's on bypass machine and so far good, next at 3 that chest will be closed shortly and we get moved to PSHU waiting room.

Next I get this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. Joe left to use the restroom and here I am having this awful feeling and not more than 2 minutes later a nurse comes out to tell me they are opening him up again because his blood pressure hemoglobin and something else dropped and they thought he may have some bleeding or other issues and it needed to be investigated. At that time I thought things went really bad but half hour later he was closed up and everyone assured us it was ok and he's still doing well. There was no bleeding, so they were happy about that but gave him dobutamine drip and also gave him a transfusion from one of the direct donors we just don't know who as they will not tell us, I guess they can't but a huge THANK YOU to those who were able to donate and to those that were turned away for various reasons beyond your own control. Just your willingness to help is so greatly appreciated and we will be forever thankful. Once the medicine kicked in and blood replenished his numbers went back down. It was quite scary for
Us to hear everything didn't go completely smoothly but the surgical team was Very pleased. Hence as a percautionary thing they kept him intubated for a little bit longer. The blood gasses came back good for two hours in a row, then they weaned the vent , gasses still good, then they did CPap (sp?) Where they keep the tube in but turn vent off did a blood gas and it was good so Jasiu was extubated at 9:50 pm. It looked awful but to finally hear something when he cried was bittersweet. It was good to hear him though it is quite raspy its BETTER than the silent vent cry. It broke my heart tosee him go this.

Jasiu's heart function is good and he's only on one heart med which will be weaned off tomorro. He's only on Fentanyl and tylenol for pain and bolus dose of lasix. I'm super excited and hope he continues to improve.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something from today but its midnite and this is from my blackberry so I'm really tired and don't have the energy to reread and correct . Jasius pain meds were inreased for the night so he can get rest and so can u my nuirses and gave me a pillow and a blanket and I can sleep in the actual PSHU.

Please pray for a quick recovery and a restful night and thank you for all the messages on FB and persnal messages.
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