Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Post Glenn - Day 1

Prayers answered, I can say post Glenn. This is huge ! !! We sailed through interstage  beautifully and without any trips to the ER or unplanned doctor's visits. I was paranoid and took as much precaution as possible to make sure he didn't get sick, but we did it and you may call me crazy but I did what every mother in my shoes would do, I protected my son from the unknown and did everything in my power to make sure he thrived.

Now to the update on Jasiu. He had a decent night, as the anaesthesia wore off he was a bit irritable and was given Fentanel for pain and one dose of Versed so that he could be more comfortable. I think he was more hungry than in pain so around 3 am I asked the nurses to check with the doctor and we were able to start giving him clear liquids. He took one ounce of pedialite very quickly. Than at 4:30 he took ounce and a half. Finally at 6 am we were allowed to try breast milk and offered 2 ounces. He took it all by mouth. We watched and he tolerated it well so at 9:15 Jasiu was given 4 ounces, his usual amount per feed. I was the one to feed him and he drank the whole bottle BY MOUTH. !!!!! This date will go down in the calendar because he has never taken the entire bottle orally and this is one day after a major heart surgery. I am so proud of him, he really is a miracle and my hero. I actually cried after he did this, tears of JOY.  Now we can't be surprised if he doesn't continue to eat like this by mouth right a way, he may just have been starving, but we can hope that it's a step in the right direction. Words can not express our happiness with his progress. He is such a strong boy, stronger than I can ever be. God is good to us and we are forever grateful.  Additionally Jasiu took his medicines orally as well without much hesitation, so I was shocked about this as well, but quite happy.

The plan for today is to see how he continues to tolerate the pain, his blood gasses and oxygen requirements. He is now on a nasal cannula of 2L 100% oxygen and doing well. They will continue to wean the oxygen and the Debutamine (heart med).  Actually the heart med was turned off before I left the hospital today at 10:30 am. He no longer has any lights on on his "Christmas tree" (a rack of all med drips that light up as they are dispensed). His oxygen saturation have been excellent in the low 80's high 70's and that is new for Jasiu as well. His color is great and quite pink which is nice to see as well. He still loves his pacifier and being tapped on the but to calm him down...Also they think, depending on how much he's draining to remove the chest tube and possibly be in step down by evening.  I'm shocked, I knew that things moved fast with the Glenn, but this seems awfully fast for me. I wouldn't be surprised If I spend the second night in the upright position on the recliner in the PSHU but if we go down I will be happy as well. Jasiu does things on his own schedule and that is what matters, even if I had to spend the night sleeping on concrete I would, just so he's not alone. His eyes do look quite sad and it's hard to see him in pain and whining a bit, but it is what it is and we try to control his pain as best as we can. 

Now Joe relieved me for a bit so I came home to shower, update blog and get a few hours of sleep. Maybe Emily will be back from grandma's before I have to go back to the hospital, I miss her terribly and she misses Jasiu as well. She has been asking for him yesterday and today and doesn't quite understand why he had to go.

I hope the day continues to go as well as the morning and Jasiu recovers smoothly. We continue to pray for healing of his little heart and body.

Right after Glenn in PSHU

After Extubation :)

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