Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This just about sums up everything, except I am still climbing that mountain. I was about to "lose my marbles" today and reading Stephanies poem brought me back to the place I should be at.. Hope..  Thanks Stephanie !

Hope nudges me forward,
When things don't seem clear,
It reaches for my hand,
And says, "Have no fear."
It points to the mountain,
And says..."Are you ready?
It's time to begin,
Just keep yourself steady,
And when my steps falter,
I cry..."I can't do this,"
Hope pulls me up,
And says,"We will get through this,"
Together we walk,
Toward the ominous hill,
Then I ask hope again,
Are you sure it's His will?
It's so very dark,
Toward the long road ahead,
I wonder...if I should just stay here instead.
Hope squeezes my hand,
I squeeze back real tight,
Hope says we must go,
And... I know he is right.
As we trudge up the mountan,
Into the unknown,
Hope soon reminds me,
I'm never alone.
Then we reach the summit,
We have come so far,
At the top of this mountain,
I see every star.
Did you think we would make it?
Hope asks, with a smile,
Did you think you'd keep going,
In the midst of your trial?
God surely led you,
He marked out your path,
And then...He paved the way.
And now we'll part ways,
For just a short while,
As you have surpassed,
The worst of your trial.
The path from this place,
Is only downhill,
It's much easier,
And it takes little skill.
I thanked my companion,
For leading the way,
And helping me get,
Where I'm standing today.
God paved the way,
When I thought..."I can't cope."
He taught me to climb,
And then, He sent ..."Hope".

~Stephanie Husted

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