Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bonding Time

I got to hold our new baby for one hour when he was 3 days old. It was wonderful... the things we take for granted...

Had I known they will let me do this and that it will require a hat I would have broought the awsome hats that my cousin Teresa and my godmother brought. They bought two of the cutest hats and my aunt had them custom embroydered with Johns initials "JJ Krol" and one with his Polish name on it "Jasiu" .  BBut he will get to wear them later and for that hour we had to deal with the crochet yellow hat the nurse gave us :)

He looked adorable anyways.


  1. What a sweet moment that must have been! Jasiu is so adorable and we are routing for him all the time! Love and prayers are being sent your way! HUGS!

  2. Kathy, we are thinking of you a lot and hope that the operation goes well. He looks adorable, what a cute little face :) xxxx

  3. he is so cute!!! you look excellent with your little one and i will be thinking of him during his surgery and pray!