Monday, March 21, 2011

Just the 4 of us ...

So this past weekend was the first weekend of just me Joe and our TWO kids spending some quality time together . Its still a little weird to say, "I have two kids" but it was weird when Emily was born to even say I have one.It was quite uneventful and in our new normal "uneventful " is a good thing, just ask any heart mom. John continues to do good though we noticed he was making grunt noises like a 40 year old man and was quite irritable since Friday so my mommy gut was telling me that it had to do with his stomach. As per John's cardiologists and dietitian, yes he already has a dietitian, he is on a 24 calorie diet of fortified breast milk with Enfamil to boost up the breast milk calories. I think the Enfamil is what is not agreeing with him so I did a minor test and stopped giving him fortified milk and purely my own breast milk since 3 pm yesterday afternoon. From that point, John was like a different baby, slept soundly and was only making grunting noises when stretching, not constantly. Today I will go back to the fortified milk and see if it starts again. If it does I will bring this up with both the cardiologists and dietitian as the reason John was on an increased calorie diet is because they want to fatten him up for the next surgery. If I'm right we will probably have to switch formula or go another route. 

Additionally we gave John his second bath yesterday and he tolerated it well, better than the first time. He actually enjoyed it, which is great news as I don't have to worry about him turning blue from crying so much in the tub. Emily cried in the bath tub until she was almost 3 months old.

On another good note, I sort of fell into a routine, got used to the meds and tube feeding and I think I'm ready to face people / family, of course if they are HEALTHY and ANTIBACTERIAL themselves upon entering our home. We have become Obsessive Compulsive Disorder on this topic and I don't care what anyone says. For a few months until the Glenn we have to live in sort of a bubble to make sure John stays healthy.  It also depends if John continues to do well. As a fellow heart mom said operation bubble is a Go. See her blog for more details. It's just what we have to do for the best interest of our kids.

Some pics of us lounging around...

By the way, mom gets no lounging pictures as she doesn't have time to do this between pumping, cleaning feeding supplies and picking up after everyone in the house. 

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  1. What a beautiful family! So glad to hear things are going well! I will pray that John (and everyone else in your family) stays perfectly healthy for the next few months! God Bless!