Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Tachypneic ...

So we did not move to the step down today and I'm not sure if we will do so tomorrow. John is having a hard time respiratory wise. He can't seem to find a comfortable pace of breathing. He's fine and steady for a couple of hours and then has a fast breathing episode for a couple of hours.  They call him a "happy tachypneic", purely meaning a fast breather with OK sats , but today I got to hold him and he went either really happy or mad because instead of his happy 70-80 breathing rate he jumped to 100-150 at some point, not even the CPT's, suctioning or anything seemed to slow it down.  The doctor seemed quite concerned, and so were we (Joe and I) so they did two blood cultures, and a urine sample because along with this breathing he also had a temp. 38.8 C. I hope the cultures don't show an infection. We won't know until late tomorrow.

On a brighter side, he did seem to take a liking to the pacifier. I bought him one type (the type Emily liked) and Sisters-by-Heart provided a different one in their care package I received once I found out we were expecting an HLHS kiddo. He took to the later, thanks ladies, the Gumdrop pacies look much better than the ugly hospital one. 

Also I received my Mia Marrone Foundation Heart Charm. I wanted one for a long time but they were pink and I knew I was expecting a boy, so wanted something to represent that. Once Mia's mom announced she was going to get blue ones I was in the first order batch.  I got it a few days after the Norwood and am wearing it ever since. I love it and I love telling people what it represents. Here is me wearing it and holding my precious baby for the second time.

2nd time in Mommy's arms

Loving his Pacifyer

My HLHS Heart Charm from Mia Marrone Foundation


  1. SO glad he's liking the Gumdrop pacis! I had never seen those kind before - Stacey Lihn turned us on to them and we try to include only them in our packages now (when we can get them). I agree - they ARE really cute! Sorry to hear about his fast breathing - that IS scary. I know Kathy Baker's son, Jake, had a lot of issues with fast breathing post-Norwood (I believe they thought his was due to a Restricted Atrial Septum) - in any case, she'd be a great resource for you. She's on FB if you're not friends yet. Continuing to pray for positive progress mama!

  2. Those new gumdrop pacis do look neat, I have seen them in the stores. Hoping for no infection, and thinking of your little guy.