Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Do you notice something new in this picture? NO BREATHING TUBE ! Early in the morning today, Tuesday, 6 and a half days after his surgery and at 10 days old they finally removed his breathing tube.  We are so excited. This is good, but the doctors warned us not to be upset if it still needs to go back in as not all kids are ready the first time, but we are still quite excited.  His sats were a little lower than the doctors wanted and his blood gasses were also similar so Jasiu was put on high flow oxygen through nasal cannulas and is still on nitrix (sp?) to help his pulminary bed which is still common.  He will slowly be weaned off of the oxygen as long as Jasiu sows to be responding well with his sats.

The only small setback he had is that his hemoglobin in the blood was inadequate for his condition thereforore he received a blood transfusion. He will probably get another one around two am as well. This should help him carry oxygen in the blood and keep up his sats to the level the doctors want to see. 

Since the tube came out today, he was supposed to get a day of rest, however because of the sats he got a respiratory treatment called CPT where they tap on his lungs (which looks like they are literally beating him around an area I thought would be almost untouchable for a while, where his chest was cut open). He didn't like this before the operation and didn't like it now. He also got an x-ray right after and then an echo. So much for rest when all these people were moving, tapping, sliding slimy wands over him etc.  But then he finally got some rest and smiled just as dad walked in to see him after work. I didn't have my camera ready, but I'm sure he was just passing gas, just as Emily was when she was that young she would smile when she passed gas also.

Anyways, if the breathing goes well overniht and tomorrow, they will start NG tube feedings and then slowly starting oral feedings later on next week maybe.

Keep praying for a nice recovery. Also we are following another HLHS warrior Legend from California who is a week older than Jasiu and he's doing just as well. Jasiu has a lot of HLHS'ers that he can take a great example from that are doing quite well and they are all such fighters that I can not imagine in a million years.

Keep up the good work buddy.  :)

Couldn't stop looking at that face all day !


  1. Kathy,
    He looks wonderful! So happy for all of you.
    Lisa & Olivia

  2. He looks great! I'm glad things are going well! Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!