Saturday, July 14, 2012

HFMD ?! & Vacation Update

So I finally have some time to blog about our recent activities and instead of all happy updates, I have to share that somehow Jasiu contracted Hand Foot Mouth Disease/ Virus (HFMD).  It's no fun... I think the shirt says it all.

Yep, he was pretty miserable for the first two days starting on Wednesday and took him to pediatrician on Thursday (before our scheduled cardio appointment) and the doctor confirmed it that it was HFMD. This is a virus that is pretty common in toddlers and kids but somehow I have not heard of it besides a few heart kids I have gotten to know in the online heart mom's group.  There is not much that can help because it's a virus so no antibiotic and it causes blisters in the mouth (in and outside) hands and feet/legs.  They don't itch but do hurt when they are pressed and the open wounds in his mouth and on the tongue I was told hurt, so naturally his appetite has gone down but he still continued to take his bottle without any problems, so from what I hear we got the mild version of the virus. Besides the fever at the beginning and the increased irritability he seems much better. He does want to be carried more because of the blisters on his little soles of the feet and under and on top of the toes. It sure doesn't look comfortable. Poor little guy. Ohh and all weekend plans have been rearranged so that one of us is at home with Jasiu all weekend because it's contagious. Currently Emily is still not showing any symptoms. The pediatrician said his whole body is working so hard to keep the ticker going that all else including his immune system are much weaker. He has been sick now twice in two weeks. We have no idea where he picked it up but it may have been at our 4th of July traveling. Lot's of public places and a very active toddler equals many a many opportunities to pick up germs and it's hard to keep him in the stroller at all times, plus a hotel room which I apparently didn't wipe down enough.

On 4th of July, one of the hottest Independence Days in the Midwest EVER, we headed out to Holland Michigan. (when I booked the trip the weather wasn't projected that far out ) It was a nice ride and we timed it just during John's nap which was great since he is not much of a traveler.  Though we didn't get to walk around the shops too much because it was SO HOT, the town was charming and we will definitely come back.  The kids liked the fireworks for about 5 minutes and then they were over it, but they were really nice.

They did LOVE the beach though. It was a hot day but the cool Michigan Lake water was very refreshing.  Then from Friday through Sunday we spent back at Bass Lake and did a little boating, beach and just relaxing. Besides a small incident and Jasiu's cold that he caught on the first day there that caused him to puke all over the hotel in Michigan over the two days we stayed there it was a very very nice getaway.  We are really lucky that the kids are so easy going. :)
Family Pic
Her Posign face

My little Firecracker

Dutch Village

Beach Day

Silly Girl

This is Emily waiting to be seated for lunch

This is Jasiu waiting not so patiently

True rays of sunshine

Jasiu not so find of his life jacket (the smallest we could find)

Finally, there is no cardiology update because once I called the clinic to tell them that John came down with the HFMD they told me not to show up for at least 2 weeks, OK, but in 2 weeks Dr. H won't be there so we have an appointment in 3 weeks. It has been now moved up twice and it is really bothering me because the reason we needed a May appointment is to see if the Enalapril increase in dose was working for his blood pressure issue and I'm getting nervous.  So let's pray that the medicine is working, visibly he seems fine but you never know with the heart.  So next appointment date is August 2.