Thursday, February 25, 2016

~ FIVE ~

"Am I a whole hand now?" came yelling into my room this morning at 6:30. 

This little boy is super excited to turn 5. 

I am amazed at the energy and enthusiasm this kid has. He is strong willed {read: stubborn}, funny, and just amazing.  I need to start keeping better track of the blog but life gets in the way and we are perfectly fine with that.

We beat the horrible statistic we were given and I feared from the day of his diagnosis 75% of HLHS kids make it to their 5th birthday! It seems like a lot, but not what you want to hear when your dream up of your perfect little baby.  But here we are and feeling blessed !

We will celebrate this Sunday with a LEGO party and celebrate each and every day as we have been trying to since the day he was born.