Monday, February 25, 2013

He's 2 !!!

Today marks the end of our 2nd year with our hero. Jasiu turned two years old at exactly 12:34pm today, February 25th.  What a wonderful year it has been.

In one year he went from our baby boy barely taking his first steps to a rambunctious little tornado toddler. His love for life is so radiant and pure that it shows in everything he does. When he laughs he laughs to the fullest 1000 watts smiles and giggles, when he cries he throws himself to the floor kicking and screaming when he wants something he will be so persistent that at a certain point everyone will give in to him. His personality is so unique and vibrant that he captures every one's attention everywhere he goes. He is outgoing, passionate and dramatic. He is mesmerized by his Polish heritage and loves all things "goralskie" He wears his hat and drags around his fiddle everywhere he goes. He would wear the traditional outfit all day if I let him. He recently started watching videos of goralskie dancing and he imitates the moves and jumps around like there is no tomorrow. He is trying to sing and is starting to count and even knows some numbers that come next when we count out loud together, loves his cars, trains and mickey... all this love and passion with just half a heart! 

We celebrated this amazing milestone with our close family and friends with a very special tractor/ John Deere party for our little guy. I LOVE parties, planning, decorating, and all that goes with it. But this year this birthday somehow snuck up on me and the invites were designed a few weeks before the party and went untouched for about two weeks so they were pretty last minute, but even with only about 2 weeks to plan I came up with some crafty ideas; however, pinterest was starting to make me feel like quite the underachiever with all their John Deere party ideas that I just had not time to get to.  I think it turned out pretty well and the kids enjoyed it a lot.

I made water bottle labels, banners via printer, dollar store bins with stickers of tractor's I printed on label paper and I ordered green and yellow m&m's in individual packets.  There were green balloons everywhere.

 The cake was ordered and it was delicious, I had to go to 3 separate bakeries and none had the tractor decorations so I had to buy my own little tractors at Walmart.  Jasiu loved blowing out his candles that I had to relight the candle about 1- times before we finished singing the birthday song.

The only family photo we have of the entire celebration. I'm glad it turned out nice.

We learn that a Piniata should be an outdoor activity and that Jasiu has a pretty mean swing (see dad make a run for it).

Happy Birthday Rock Star ! You truly are our miracle.  We love you to the moon and back !