Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hate the Cold/Flu season...

I must preface this blog post to just say that despite this complaining blog post, I am  blessed to be able to complain about it and just the fact that my kids are able to go through these colds at home we are lucky. Many are not so lucky and would love to have their kids to be at home... just putting things into perspective.. but it still sucks for us.

Well it started since Emily started preschool and brough home the first cold, at least that's where I think it originated. She then proceeded to get better and we were hopeful that Jasiu's flu shot will do its magic, well it hasn't and the next few weeks it was Jasiu coughing on and off and then Emily the next week and this continued for over two months. Nothing that seemed too alarming, just the normal every day stuff, which got slightly worse at night, but they slept though it.  We cranked up the humidifiers, rubbed in the Vick's and tried all homeopathic remedies we could think of.. This Sunday it got a lot worse for Emily to the point where I thought her cough was croupy and I already made the decision that Monday she would not be in school.

Well Monday she spiked a 103 fever and vomited. Fun times. A few hours later, Jasiu- also fever.. go figure.  Anyways, we make an appointment with the pediatrician for late afternoon after work and here is the verdict

Emily -  a sinus infection most likely from the prolonged cough and snotty nose
Jasiu - right ear infection most likely from the prolonged congestion
Both - amoxicillin for 10 days and acetaminophen (as needed for the fever)

So I ask for prayers for my two little sickos that they get better soon and we get some good nights rest (ALL of us!)

I am also pretty tired of changing and washing the bed sheets and comforters EVERY DAY from a different bed :( and cleaning puke from everywhere. We are at the point where last night there was a puke bucket in Emily's room, Jasiu;s room and in our room just in case they decided to spend part of the night in our room (not unlikely).

Must also give many thanks to our grandma's and aunties who watch the kids during the day and are able to care for the kids so Joe and I don't have to take too much time off of work. If we had to we would, but again we are blessed with excellent caregivers for our childern. 

Also an update on Jasiu - I am diligently working on getting him the Synagis shot set up through insurance to protect him from RSV. Synagis shots are VERY expensive and insurances try to get out of covering them once a baby is a certain age or what they think is not high risk, but according to our doctor and the American  Board of Pediatrics John should still qualify and would benefit from it.  The cost outweighs the risk of RSV, even with our insurance the copay was 50 dollars per shot (and this is actually fairly cheap compared to many people's co pays).

So lift us up in prayer as the kids get through the cold/flu season because the Thanksgiving and Christmas are our favorite holidays and we would like to enjoy them in health.

Holloween picturest to come soon.