Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First Day of School

A momentous day in the life of our little warrior - He attended his first day of Preschool !

He was excited all morning for this day and even packed his own snack and juice box. He picked his backpack and couldn't be happier.  When we dropped him off, he did well too. He sat down nicely, attempted to write his name, handed the paper in and went to play until the teacher sings the special song... and that's when I had to leave.

There were only tears of joy and from this mama and not Jasiu this time. I still can't believe that this fragile little baby of mine is now a "big boy" going to preschool.  With Polish School, it is only once a week and I kind of hung around the class and school anyways, but this seems much bigger than that, I will be at work when he's in school, so no easy quick access to him like on Saturdays. 

After picking up our official preschooler, I'm happy to report all things went well !!!!

Mrs. Gordon reported that Jasiu was well behaved and did very well and did not or cry for his mama. He is truly growing up and thriving. We are so blessed to see this day.
Stay tuned for Disney posts soon. 

Cardiology Update

Our cardiology appointment went great !  With the holidays, our trip and everything else, I forgot to update. 

Cardiology - Our favorite nurse has graduated to Nurse Practitioner, as a result she has found a new opportunity outside of our current hospital and we miss her dearly.  W got there and all vitals were good, Oxygen sats perfect, even hit 100% for a while but mostly around 97-99% which is awesome. Then she tells us the doctor will be in shortly... I remind her that he will most likely have an ekg and echo... well no orders were written, I say go check again please.  Of course he was supposed to get the echo and ekg so we get those done, but with the lack of a nurse the orders were not processed properly. That's ok though, all was good.

Heart function is excellent and almost improved, vessels are open as they should be and no narrowing is visible. No medicine changes, see you in 6 months. That's it !

Fantastic news for us and for the holidays and our trip. The holidays were great, the house is full of new toys and we celebrated the birth of Jesus joyously.  

Our trip was mostly a success as well. Those days  will get their own posts shortly, once I go through all the pictures.... let's just say there was never a dull moment...

Perfect little patient