Saturday, June 17, 2017

Goodbye Kindergarten

So this just happened (2 weeks ago)!!!

Just like that this boy is out of Kindergarten. He graduated wI think so much excitement to go to 1st grade that it melted our hearts. 

His class had a graduation ceremony where all the kids walked the stage and sang songs for the parents. It is so joyous to know that we crossed another milestone in his life with no major interventions or setbacks.  We all went to see him graduate and even Grandma and my sister attended.  Jasiu was so proud and happy and so are we. 

We have truly been blessed because we are so fully aware of the alternative. 

We have a jam packed summer with outings here and there to go out and enjoy summer vacation. Jasiu is excited to swim hike and do so many things and we pray gets to do it all.  We have summer passes to the local pool, dad is with the kids all day and mom is working summer hours so this should call for a nice summer. 

Junemployment 30th is our annual appointment so wish us luck.