Friday, June 13, 2014

Six Month Cadio update & BIG THANK YOU !

"Everything looks excellent." - Dr. H.

It was by far one of our quickest full workup appointments ever. We had vitals (height, weight, blood pressure, pulse ox) EKG and Echo all in about one hour and a half, and completely out in 2. Jasiu was such a brave big boy already. He only minimally cried at the EKG sticker placement and wire clipping but once that was over it was great. Our echo was also a first - first time no tears AND he did not sleep through at least a part of it. He still did not graduate from the "mommy recliner" to the hospital bed for the Echo but that is ok with me, I love the snuggles. We watched a movie on the tablet and minded our own business while our tech was doing the scan. Even Bob, our echo tech, wanted to know what was going on in "Turtle Tale 2".

Doctor H was happy with the echo and said he has no concerns at this time. No medication tweaking and just keep doing what we are doing. Jasiu's activity level is great and he's happy with that. He did laugh at the black and blue and scraped legs that he saw on our active boy but he said it was all normal stuff with asprin.  We have to schedule a yearly blood draw to make sure we establish a base line for the future but that will be in a separate appointment because I did not want Jasiu to correlate the pain of a blood draw with the same appointment with cardiology.

So we begin our summer on a good note.  Next appointment in 6 months.


Now... I need to send a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL that supported us on our Annual Running for Hope 5K - All that walked with us and those that supported with your donations.  It means the world to us that we can give back and help such a great organization such as Advocate "Hope" Children's Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.   We raised $480 - Thank you! We made great timing too - about 1:07 (give or take a few)  We will be looking to increase our team next year.. (hint hint)
Team Jasiu -2014
Kid's Dash - 2014

Our Superman was a bit over taking pictures at this point