Monday, February 14, 2011

10 Days ...

Today was my last day of work. Our baby boy should be here in 10 DAYS. Single digit countdown, this means it’s getting really close and I’m getting really nervous. (Hopefully he doesn’t decide to come early as my daughter did. I was going to have 7 last days of just me and my husband before her scheduled C-section and she decided to punch the water open one week early. ) During this 10 day period I plan on spending all my time with Emily and Joe (though he will be working). It will once again be a period of lasts:

·         Last days  we are a family of 3
·         Last days  Emily will be getting ALL the attention
·         Last time we go to a birthday party without being overly worried if there will be sick people there
·         Last days we can pick up and make spontaneous plans to go to a play date or anywhere.
·         Last days I will be able to provide a completely painless and safe environment for my son.

Everyone says it’s tough going from 1 to 2 children. It’s “normal” to be afraid, however I feel like this is so much more than just a second child adjustment as most moms describe it… again sleepless nights, jealous sibling, breastfeeding, etc. For us it will be the NICU, hospital, surgeries, medicines, doctor visits, constant surveillance and worry.  I have been wondering how we will adjust to all of this now that it’s so close and though I have had so much time to research, talk to people and read up on others’ experience, I don’t think I will ever be ready. It just has to happen.

I hope that our son, John Joseph, will be strong and “healthy” enough to endure this great journey that he is about to embark. This can be a cruel world but his will be filled with people who already love him so much and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that he beats this horrible disease and make his life as full of love laughter and happiness.

So now we wait for the arrival of this bundle of joy and PRAY for the best of luck to him and may God guide us and the medical staff at Hope to do everything in their power to mend his little heart.

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