Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Potty Training

It has been over a month since I posted last, which I keep repeating, no news is good news in our lives.  It means we are all good and enjoying life post Fontan as normally as possible.   I feel obliged to memorialize a big step in Jasiu's life... potty training !

We have started a month or so ago with being very relaxed about it and introduced the potty. We picked one out at the store with Jasiu and started. We didn't stress him for the most part, just asked if he wanted to go constantly and somehow he caught on.  We have not had a #2 accident in a LONG time and we are getting a few days that he will wake up from nap or night time with a dry diaper. Other than the naps and night, he has stayed dry all day for almost a week. He does have some accidents where he's playing so much that he "forgets he needs to go" until the very last minute, which causes his underwear to get a little bit wet, but the rest is peed in the potty or the toilet. We change him and remind him that he needs to go in the potty and that's it. He is also able to hold it much more now, as in the store or car, more often than not he waits until we get to the bathroom instead of wetting his pull up.  This is a pretty big step in most kids lives but I'm especially proud of this kiddo because he is still on diuretics, which make him pee much more than normal kiddos. We are weaning those diuretics very slowly, so maybe in the next two months he will be completely off and then nighttime will be easier on Jasiu since meds won't be pushing his natural cycle more intensly.

Other than that, we are out and about trying to soak in the last of summer. Emily started school before Labor day and Jasiu is getting used to being home alone with grandma.  Every day he walks his sister with grandma to the bus stop on the corner wearing his little backpack and he loves it. I think he will want to go by the time he's ready since he will be so used to the idea with Emily preceding him.

Our next cardiology visit is in a week so I ask for a prayer that all goes well and we only get good news. You never know with these kiddos because they may look great on the outside but the inside is a whole other story. As always praying for a clean report.  Thank you all

 Here are a few pics of what we have been up to. - This is Jasiu and Emily being silly at the splash pad. The energy in him is unbelievable for a kid with "half a heart".

Newest musical instrument - the accordeon - he LOVES it

Emily's first day of Kindergarten

First day - we have since then bought a "cars" backpack for Jasiu

Celebrating Emily's 5th birthday and Jasiu's 2.5 birthday

Zoo day with grandparents

If you follow the path, you will spot Joe helping Jasiu pee in the woods - he just had to go



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