Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Heart Picnic ~ 2013

Jasiu was a little shy
 This past weekend was our annual Heart Institute for Children at Advocate picnic and we had a blast. This event is sponsored by Dr. Illbawi, head of the Pediatric Cardiac Program, and Advocate “Hope” Children’s Hospital and it is a blessing to be able to attend it each year.

This year made is extra special since Jasiu was so fresh out of surgery. Only a few short months ago we only got to see them in scrubs and white coats. We truly appreciate the time that Dr. Illbawi along with his entire team of surgeons, cardiologists, nurses and staff (those who aren’t working the shift that day) take time out of their personal lives and come out to see the patients who get to see them in regular clothes and talk about things other than medical issues. Dr. Illbawi himself talks to each individual family, holds the patient child, because outside of the hospital walls, these “patients” are truly just children, trying to be like everyone else, young and old, just trying to survive and live a life that was only possible because of the medical intervention of this team. And we are parents, not “mom” and “dad” as often just labeled at the hospital for ease of the staff, just want to thank them and shake his hand for literally touching and fixing their child’s heart. It truly is a celebration of how far each of our Heart Hero’s has come and the extreme milestones that they have surpassed along with their families. Also it is a celebration of and a way for the families to thank, our wonderful medical staff at our hospital who take care of our kids when we ourselves as parents cannot.

Finally, we get to see our PSHU and Fontan buddies, those who we also just have seen in their hospital beds and their parents tired and restless as they sat by their child’s side. We got to see friends both old and new and Mia, the little girl who had her Fontan a few hours before Jasiu. It was great to see her and hear that she is attending Kindergarten despite of the hard time she had during recovery, it is really inspiring.

All of our kids are so strong beyond our wildest imagination and they have one common denominator, Dr. Illbawi, the calm poised generous man who made it possible to give our children a chance at life.

Emily is a natural farm girl ~ loves animals
LOVED pony rides
"loved pony rides"
"wait I'm not done with you"
lunch time

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