Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bad blogger ... long overdue update

So I have meant to update a while ago, like in October but we have been quite busy. I think I will update in pictures instead of writing a whole bunch.

 In early October Jasiu fully potty trained during the day so we decided that he should be in a big  boy  bed to try to get him to night time potty train, so he can get up and get us when he needs to go.

Step 1 - take down the crib face .
 But he kept falling out so...
Step 2 - mattress shopping.

Step 3 - insert said mattress on the floor

Step 4 - when he got used to the idea - set up the mattress on a base and we have ourselves a big boy room and a big boy !!!

So we have December and we are half and half with dry and wet nights, so I call that progress. For 2 years and 8 months, I think we have a pretty easy potty trainer.
Than we were in End of October and we went to pumpkin patch and trick or treating at the mall due to rain.

Then in November we got a much needed hair cut...

Mid November the kids had their first Polish Dancing concert and they decided they want to try violin lessons. So starting next week we will start and see how it goes.

 Then we had a very nice Thanksgiving (of which I have no pictures on my devices, so we have to ask Ciocia Aga for them) and then we left for our mini Thanksgiving getaway !

This sure beats the Black Friday crowds !
They also got an extra treat by seeing a Thomas live show  and saw all the Christmas decorations at Grand Geneva !


Emily even got to write a letter to Santa and dropped it off in the mail box
In other news, we have lost the pacifier and it was only about a 2 week process and now Jasiu doesn't even think about it or ask for it.  More progress.
Now, in December we will have a busy month as well and right smack in the middle of the month we have a full cardiology appointment. On the schedule we have lab, echo and general visit. Let's pray we get an all clear and we enjoy our Christmas season.   I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving, this year and every year we have a lot to be thankful for since we are 7 months post Fontan and doing fabulous ! Let's hope the test prove so the same. 

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  1. I haven't been around in a while, but just wanted to say that I'm so glad your little guy is doing so great!